Date Tree Red Weevils

The date palm is closely associated with the life of people in the Gulf region of the Middle East which comprises six countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. 

About 2.2 million tons of dates are produced in these countries which accounts for about 30% of the world’s date production

 A Lethal Pest of the Date Palm Tree The Red Palm Weevil

The red palm weevil is a lethal pest of date palms – infested palms often die if not detected early and treated with insecticides. The red palm weevils are large insects (greater than 25mm long). The RPW prefers to infest palms below the age of twenty years, where the stem of the young palm is soft, juicy and easily penetrated . The infestation begins with females boring holes inside date tissues, followed by the insertion of eggs (each female can lay 300 eggs).

The hatched larvae burrow and feed extensively inside the internal parts of palm trees. Death of the main trunk tissue occurs, and this is followed by collapse of the infested tree . The thumb sized grubs make so much noise eating that if you stand next to an infested tree you can actually hear them munching their way through the trunk .

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This is the result of all 5 date palm trees. Al Ajban palace date tree farms



Infestation of the Red Palm Weevil in the trees are at 2 moments
Replanting: When the shoots are cut off the palm tree for replanting. At this point, Flybusters should be sprayed on the tree. This is to kill possible adult RPW. Adult RPW lay eggs in the tree which evolve into larva, which kills the Palm tree
Cleaning: When taking older branches off, the tree should be sprayed with Flybusters


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