Our Story

Flybusters is a 100% Chemical Free Natural Pesticide that controls insects with guaranteed results. This residue free spray uses a natural flower’s active ingredient called Pyrethrin. 

Considered as one of the Best Fly Repellent in the market, Flybusters aims to provide the highest quality and most innovative products you can use to protect your loved ones and the people around you.

Our various range of products perfectly fits any home, business, indoors or outdoors and even for your beloved pets and animals.

Why choose Flybusters?

Flybusters’ unique combination composed of six types of Pyrethrins stems ensures its 100% effectiveness at all times. This innovative approach eliminates any insect's ability to develop immunity to the formula. 

Benefits of the Flybusters System:

  • 100% Natural, Chemical Free and Residue Free, safe for your health
  • Automatic and Systematic Fly-Control that runs 24/7
  • Low Maintenance and Easy to Install

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